words can spice and entice
sooth and entrance
or they can reverberate in anger
assalting our sense of well being

they have immense power
so use them liberally
but with keen awareness
coz their impact is beyond measure

please don’t displeasure
use them wisely!

d’Verse, 44 words inc. salt, De Jackson

net cartoon


    • no comments are off while I have very little access to the internet Michel … I’m in the middle of a flood zone and can seldom get online!

      it seems whenever we have a disaster eg flood or fire our internet undermines our efforts to reassure loved ones that we are safe … they are my priority until communication is re-established. My last post took hours to get it there 😦


  1. The words of this poem ring true…:) Like a ripple in a pond, our words spread far and wide. Kind words always matter…they change the world. Wonderful poem!!! I love this one! 🙂

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  2. A wise and wonderful poem about human speech. A person does not think that his word can hurt, hurt or even kill another. And yet words can bring comfort, joy, or make you smile. It costs nothing, so let’s say nice things to people, keep our spirits up, and support with words.

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  3. Words can cause dissent, hurt, or trouble especially when used without thought. Good post Kate. Agee with memadtwo that one needs to think before you speak. But then there are situations whereby whatever one says, it sparks discourse! Sigh!

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  4. Your poem is light and fun to read, and yet conveys a very profound reminder. Words hold incredible power, can be violent without lifting a finger or miraculously healing without needing another medicine.

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