I love summer as it requires less layers. In fact I think I might be suited to a nudist camp; nowhere to hide, nothing masked, just raw naked exposure!

Of course our winter sounds similar to your summer, a bit cooler but seldom seen snow. Here we have a few overcrowded ski-fields down south. Not enticing as everything is overpriced and far too busy to be relaxing or fun. So bring on the summer sun!

fierce winds, heavy rains

has blended our usual

summer to steamy

d’Verse, haibun, Frank

my pic


  1. Haha! Attempting to sidestep winter are we! If you want nudist bathing, nearly the whole coast of Croatia is naturalist beaches, in fact I think they invented it…cross country skiing is nice, I think, and cheap..

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  2. Touche! Great adaptation, too!

    I remember visiting Alaska during the summer. The family and I were all layered up on that 50-degree-F August day, while Anchorage locals played Pokemon Go in T-shirt and shorts. It’s all relative, I guess.

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  3. You speak of warm and charming days. Here we have a winter storm watch, and are hunkered in for a 4 inch snowstorm.


  4. I have difficulties to think you, Kate, that you are in summer . . But to be frank our winter are not winter like anymore and our summer either !!! Where are the seasons?
    Whatever enjoy your summer but take care to not got a cold 🙂
    Love ❤


  5. Seasons get so troublesome. It seems as soon as I’ve grown used to it, it’s up for another change. Even so, you’re a tougher nut than I. Give me the cold and let me be glorious in all my scarf-wearing madness.


  6. You look great as a rowing machine 🙂
    For me, the middle of winter, windy, blizzard, slippery. My dream is that at least the sun will come out, and here it will be in a month or two, maybe a little more. This is the climate with 4 seasons. Paddle a sailor, let the river lead you to joy and good people.


  7. Wonderful write and captivating pic Kate. I believe you are paddling through eucalyptus, yes? Must smell intoxicating… 🙂


  8. It’s been wet, hot, and steamy down south too Kate … board paddling looks inticing, but I’m sure I would topple over .. 🌞😎😀


  9. It has been a strange summer, flooding up north 🙁. I miss the dry heat, it’s my favourite time of year. You keeping dry up there Kate?


  10. I check your post Kate and I have to say I like the picture . This makes me dream . We see you get a weather like summer. What a dream to navigate on that river in the shadow of the shelter trees .
    Love ❤

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      • When I was a child during war II the coast and the beach facing England was forbidden by the Germans . So we took a bath in the nearby river . The top was also to go from one bank to the other on a tree lying above the river. At this time there was not any pollution and the bath in the river was appreciated . ❤

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