sauntering home one starry night
two gents delight
me with flowers
amused for hours

no doubt from the bridal table
a dreamed fable
cute tuxedoed
heart torpedoed

so large two of us hauled it home
planted in foam
lasted for weeks
to my heart speaks

d’Verse, minute poem Grace

my photo

The elements of the Minute Poem are:
1.  narrative poetry.
2. a 12 line poem made up of 3 of 4-line stanzas
3. syllabic, 8-4-4-4   8-4-4-4   8-4-4-4
4. rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff.
5. description of a finished event (preferably something done is 60 seconds).
6. is best suited to light verse, likely humorous, whimsical or semi-serious.

This must be the best article I’ve seen about our ancient outback … the pictures alone will blow you away!



  1. What a visually tantalising poem!! And the flowers, they look gorgeous.
    Thank you for the link. Pilbara région looks outwardly, mystical and magical. I’m glad that the population there isn’t much and that it is well preserved.

    The world is a wonderful place if only we keep our eyes and senses open 🙂

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  2. It is very difficult to write a poem according to the rules. You do it. You’re talented. Thank you for the link, and I will gladly buy such flowers. greetings

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  3. This is absolutely stunning 😀 I especially love; “no doubt from the bridal table/a dreamed fable/cute tuxedoed/heart torpedoed.”💝

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  4. This is a delightful poem and narrative! There was a priest who worked in my building that would bring flowers to all the secretaries in an odd assortment of liquor bottles he’d scavenged (or emptied himself). The flowers were beautiful until we discovered that they were from funerals where the family had abandoned them in the Basilica!! I though it was a good use for the flowers since the dead were not going to enjoy them….

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  5. Love your poem, Kate, but love the article to which you linked too. I haven’t read it all thoroughly, I’ll have to come back for more. The photos are stunning. We hoped to get to the Pilbara when we were in WA many years ago but didn’t manage to do so. Have you been?

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  6. Thank you for link Kate … a truly incredible article, and I have filed it away in my notebook for future reference … and again you have produced another poem format that I was unfamiliar with …😃😎🌏

    It was fantastic .. thanks Kate ..

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  7. Your poem is so lovely…such wonderful woven words…an “aw” and an “oh” escaped my mouth, my heart soared and my lips smiled. 🙂
    Gorgeous flowers photo! 🙂
    I shall check out the link you shared.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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