early 2020 a Gwydir descended
darkening our planet lives and things
with his wide spread of wings

rulers heralders and medics
came into their own
spreading fear, death did drone

many complied
whilst others protested
hate and divisiveness festered

toilet paper and masks
took on new meaning
countries and families split demeaning

changed our world forever
with no reprieve to sever
this caustic endeavour

that devours our economy
and our peace of minds
witless hauntingly blinds

entwined with grief
beyond belief
kind care our only relief

let’s tame this Gwydir
calm our mind, open hearts wider
turn sour into cider!

d’Verse, narrative nonsense, Bjorn – thanks Bjorn, I’ve had a break but this topic appealed greatly!

winner of Australia’s best political cartoonist 2021

sorry folks, finally summer has arrived and after a few months of torrential rain there is lots to do … will eventually catch up but expect more absences …


  1. beautiful poem well shaped , well rhymed so meaningful and well balanced .
    I agree with you Kate
    and despite of the sad situation I got a smile at seeing you locknown passport! 🙂
    Love ❤


  2. Very contemporary, very real. Your use of that old welsh name gives the poem a taste of myth which goes well with the prompt. Nice one

    Much love…


  3. Loved this poem and it is so very true. We are now looking at the changes as permanent. Things will never be the same but we can embrace some of the changes and make more – like bringing patience and kindness back into vogue!


  4. I wonder if changing the name to gwydir would help people more easily accept that it and the changes it has brought are here to stay? You’re rhymes and the rhythm of your poem doesn’t make it seem that bad! Bravo!


  5. Been locked down since March 2020. My son, who lives and is quarantined with his wife and my grandson the floor above me, has the Rona — but I tested negative yesterday. This stuff is not going away, so I have embraced to joy of avoidance.

    Liked by 1 person

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