the sounds of summer

cicadas calling
crickets croaking
bird song
wind howling
surf rolling
sunshine caressing

boats buzzing by
children squealing
splashing in every puddle
rowers shouting instructions
fisher folk chatting
old plumbing knocking

anyone able to share your sounds of winter?

this Brahmin Kite is both aware and curious … the right combination to thrive!


  1. You are so lucky to hear all these wonderful sounds! We hear the birds only early in the morning or late evening in summers. The rest of the day is a cacophony of horns, drills, hammers and the like, summer or winter!

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  2. Here the sounds of summer, and here the sounds of winter: the crunch of ice under my feet, the squeaking of frost under the soles, the howling of the wind and the sprinkling of snow. Today it is raining and snowing, gloomy, and leaden, dark clouds in the sky.

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  3. That Kite picture us so perfect and beautiful, what a gift that you took that picture! I became aware of the Hum of my heater in this cold cold weather, while enjoying the sounds of your beautiful summer poem 🙂

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  4. I think I prefer the sounds of summer to the sounds of winter…
    Snow dampening
    Voices carried away on the wind
    Footsteps muffled
    In drifted snow
    The howl of wind
    Whistling through bare branches
    The icy blade of winter
    Pierces the grey sky
    And yet there is no cry
    No sob
    No rattle
    From summer’s death throes

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  5. Beautiful poem, SweetKate! 🙂 What wonderful welcome sounds! 🙂

    Here in winter we hear…
    Blowing winds competing in howls with the wolves and coyotes
    Soft winds whispering through the aspen trees
    Icy hail hitting the window panes
    Winter birds noisily reminding us they don’t go south ( 🙂 )
    The crunch of snow as we walk on it
    Sound of the tea pot whistling…hot beverage ready to drink!
    To name a few 🙂

    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  6. Snow crunches
    Ice crackles
    Drip, drip, drip say the icicles hanging off eaves
    Squeals of sheer pleasure slide down snowy hills
    Honk, honk, honk blasts out as unintended glides over road lines begin
    Blessed, miraculous silence when the city is tucked in by nature’s white blanket.
    Those are the days I most love about winter, that quiet stillness that I wish for
    nearly every other day of the year.

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  7. My sounds of winter…we have the silly sound what I lovingly refer to as laughing ducks…the squeaky ducks…the blue jay calls that so fascinate me…the call of a of an osprey…the calls of the Sandhill Cranes. I’m a little bird obsessed (my hubby has lovingly been referring to me as having bird brain when we’re out and about for our evening walks). 🤗💖

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  8. I love your sounds of Summer! As for sounds of Winter: howling winds, happy shouts of children playing in the snow, and the coughing of all those Winter colds!


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