when I sincerely ‘let go’
there is only blissful serenity
with a rush all the pollution dissolves
the angst, any concerns just vanish

feeling completely fulfilled
equitable and calm
they were merely
figments of my imagination

the world is still topsy turvy
but stillness abides within
calming my mind-heart
my soul purpose to benefit others

when I am balanced
calmness ripple out
dispelling others doubt
empowering and embracing

inclusion joy common ground
so still all sounds seem distant
unified and fully satisfied
must share and care for those open

Wishing you all good health, a peaceful mind
and an warm open heart for 2022!

the sun will always arise heralding another day – my fence looking out to the head of Richmond River



  1. A wonderful poem about the importance of peace and inner balance in order to live your life well 🙂
    Happy New Year, May 2022 be better and happier!

    Liked by 1 person

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