purely for your entertainment, a bit of light fun …

Alice leapt down the wormhole
keen for a new adventure
landing in a parallel universe
or was it really the metaverse

renowned for being late
she stumbled into a
mad hatters tea party
ritual chanting in a strange tongue

yet the melodious mystical tune
wowed the memory
sweet tea and yummy snacks
were being shared around

everyone enjoys a good party
then the hookah smoking caterpillar
and a sleek stripped unicorn emerged
in heated debate with king Neptune

was it the pharma’s she’d taken
or was she merely mistaken
her overactive imagination
distorting or inviting such vividness

the carousel horses and carriages
whirled and bounced to a popular
tune with celebrity guests laughing
as the stars put on a shower show

oh the beauty and variation
in this exciting new place
mind boggling as heart raced
Alice knew she’d come again

to slide down tubes and sing
enchanting songs with weird birds
and eat tempting tasty treats
climb book stacks and other feats

Salutations and respect to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a champion of human rights, a truly enlightened man … you made our world a better place!


  1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu…oh, he certainly did! May he rest in peace. ❤
    The clouds in your photo are so beautiful! 🙂
    Your Alice poem for 2021 is creative, fun, thought-provoking, and has such a good message, SweetKate! 🙂
    We can have adventures like Alice…and we can create them for others to enjoy with us! We've been doing this the past week…laughing, talking, singing, walking, dancing, enjoying nature, reading, playing fun board and card games, eating tasty foods, ETC! 🙂

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  2. We all need a poem that gives hope that we can enjoy the moment, have fun, imagine incredible stories and observe these beautiful clouds immortalized in your photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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