review all that’s happened to you
from two years of panic and fear
let bad news detonate your ear
or wised up letting it pass through
set limits to what you’ll endure
don’t squander life in naivety
best spread love and creativity
media/med blitzed us with drama
I had long beach walks, felt calmer
grew my health and ability

Decima, a 10 line poem with 8 syllables per line
and a rhyme scheme of a/b/b/a/a/c/c/d/d/c

my photo – ‘golden burst with workers’


  1. Hello Kate! Love the reminders to set limits and use nature, creativity and love for self-care. Definitely good reminders for the new year coming up. So thankful your positivity and good sense hasn’t been dampened! ❤️ Here’s a better 2022!

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  2. Yes, we must all keep spreading the love and creativity!
    And anytime we can walk and talk with nature…we are better for it!
    Gorgeous flowers in your photo…and the workers are busy busy busy! 😉
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. The photo made me think of my Grandmother’s peony bushes and the ants crawling all over them! She’d cut flowers and have to plunge them into a bucket of cold water to dislodge the ants!! I love the poem and your recipe for facing this new year. I’m all for spreading the love and creativity!! Peace to you this coming year!

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