such a torrid two years
held captive by events
beyond my control”
health and economic strife
job losses, housing struggles
displaced refugees, weather
war and far too much more

has apathy taken hold
overwhelmed fearful
tend to react rather
than calmly respond
small things trigger
an emotive eruption
healthier to step back

reassess where I am
to where I’d prefer to be
how to assimilate
all this pollution
is it my responsibility
how can I assist most
stay afloat learn to coast

what works for me
with what I see
how can I contribute
connect and respect
by working on myself
and my attitude
calmness once achieved

will ripple out
to embrace others
nurture and empower
giving comfort
ease grief
erase doubts and fears
change will enable, set free

inspired by Stan Grants article on his favourite novel


  1. I think we have all felt this to some degree during the pandemic. You cut to the essential questions! “how can I assist most” and “how can I contribute” are ones I ask myself daily… I’m not sure there is any one right answer. I just keep trying different things to see what works. (hugs)

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  2. Such an important powerful poem…especially as we end this year and begin the new year. You’ve expressed feelings and thoughts I’ve felt/had. And, yes, we must live in ways that create positive ripples and waves, so that joy, peace, courage, and kindness will spread to many others.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…gorgeous, peaceful photo!

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  3. I read Stan Grant’s article too, Kate. Have you read the book? It sounds interesting.
    I enjoyed your response to his article. We do need to take charge of ourselves and our responses, especially when so much is out of our control. Here’s to more control in the new year!

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  4. A lovely shot. The colours of nature are amazing. Your words are profound as always. Yes, two years are gone. We all suffered but some have lost all they had. One can contribute in many ways but as Dalai Lama said “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them”.

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  5. A beautiful, reflective, deep poem about the problems of the modern world: droughts, floods, pandemics. How the setting sun would do no good again, except for the murderous heat. And for me, in turn, snow and frost -6 degrees. The cold in the house, the animals in the field also suffer.

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  6. A lovely reflective poem Kate…and yes, the past two years have been a real struggle for all of us. We all felt the effects of the pandemic….but at the same time i am grateful for what happened (still happening) for it has made us slow down and reasses ourselves and our priorities..

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