Today is Freedom Day, non-vaxxed people can finally leave their house, and all states are open except WA. But border requirements means that it’s far easier to go overseas than to venture out of our home states!

We’ve been closed for so long that our allies have enticed most overseas university students to study with them, thus cutting off a main source of income and cheap labour.

Good news is that summer has finally arrived with the long hot sunny days that we’ve all been yearning.

winner of Australia’s best political cartoonist 2021

PS I am double vaxxed but have stayed confined in sympathy with those who believe we should have a choice


  1. And that is the difference between here and there. We have that choice but no lock down so the unvaccinated are keeping out new cases of COVID up and active… Sparky’s family of nurses are so tired they can hardly function. They are begging people not to get sick. We were all told that we needed to be ultra careful and not get in any accidents because there aren’t any beds available at the hospital!!!

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  2. Hopefully, brighter days are ahead and we get to live how we used to live. 🙂 There really wasn’t a choice but you are right there should have been. For travel, dine-in in a restaurant, shopping complexes everywhere only vaxxed ones are allowed here.

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  3. I think whatever the government rules are, we have to be careful and not take risks. Enjoy the summer. We are having a really cold winter here.


  4. I feel sorry for those people who travel by plane from NSW to Queensland and are now in quarantine for 14 days. I mean let’s just make a decision, borders open or borders closed. This fence sitting is doing nobody any favours. PS – fractured knee means I’m not going anywhere

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  5. Kate, enjoy summer’s return. Mild and rainy here, but Montana is tasting winter’s cold and white touch. My wife and I received our boosters a few days ago. We still stay away from large crowds, but it has been a blessing to no longer feel like we are living in a cocoon.

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  6. That’s how I feel too. I’m vaccinated and boosted, but I refuse to badmouth those who have their reasons for not getting the vaccine. Obviously, I wish they would, but it’s not my choice to make for them. And I keep thinking about the Netherlands, with its high vaccination rate, but also climbing numbers, so who knows? As for a two-year lock down, I think that is beyond cruel and the negative effects are going to be felt for a very long time.

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    • sadly it’s not here and now this new strand is spreading even quicker and even the authorities are owning that the double vax wont stop it … take care precious!


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