This is a multi-billion dollar business and currently there is a buzz from fans about Rebel Wilson’s recent remarkable weight loss. They all want to know her secret!

I’ve lost 7 kilos this year, remarkable really.

I used to be a skinny stick who could eat anything and never put on an ounce … then came breast cancer and their preferred hormonal drug for treatment, Femara. Remember that name and Never go there … my side effects filled two pages. It aged me overnight and took 5 months to get rid of the toxicity in my system. I gained 16 kilos but some gained more!

It’s never come off yet I have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. So I finally enlisted the help of a new GP, one interested in my health, opposed to those just pushing drugs. She referred me to a dietician and hey presto the weight is slowly peeling off.

My close friends were shocked about the dietician as they know I eat healthy, a veggo for many moons. But she reviewed exactly what I ate when and we found that my metabolism responds better to small regular snacks, ‘grazing’. Rather than meals three times a day.

So an increase in exercise, my long delightful beach walks, and changing my eating pattern is finally getting results. ‘Grazing’ might not suit your body so that’s what I’m saying here … seek your own tailor made diet with your local health professionals + self discipline and you too can have similar results. Sadly some meds will prevent weight loss, so don’t be disheartened just accept your good heart.

from my front door


    • I never really tried to diet coz I knew I was eating well and exercising regularly … but GP checked everything out and dietician offered some useful clues … they are health professionals for good reason 🙂

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      • Yep. I’ve been able to find some good dieticians and doing my own research. Sometimes I listen to what my body regarding food intolerances. Every body is different. Sometimes it a challenge to fine tune it all as other processes like stress can also mess up the old body 🙄

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  1. You’re blessed to have a physician who cares enough to work with you to figure out what works best with your metabolism. Congratulations on moving in the right direction, Kate.

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  2. I hear you! One particular medication helped me balloon in weight in my 30’s. Recently I have been following a lowering cholesterol plan and eating mostly unprocessed food. Everyone has been commenting on how slim I am but I have not counted a calorie. It’s hard to gain weight when you eat like a squirrel… Congratulations on your success!

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  3. When I go to the ward, it falls off after a week or so. My brain wants to eat constantly due to damage, some bad eating habits, and I’m constantly trying to balance out. I’ve been way more active than I am now, but that doesn’t matter for me minus tightening the skin. I can do moderate physical labor, and I will get fat if I eat more no matter the exercise.

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  4. That view from your front door is just amazing! Great photo.

    Diet is indeed best personally tailored. Grazing doesn’t work for my system, I need 2 moderate meals a day and fluids for rest of the time. I am so glad you found what works for you.

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  5. Dieting seems to be a way of life for far too many women. We’ve been conditioned to see thin as the ideal… I had children and my metabolism changed. It took me nearly 20 years to put the weight on and I knew that it wouldn’t come off overnight (so many want some instantaneous miracle drug to do the work). I too consulted my doctor and I’m at a comfortable weight after another 15 yrs of eating right. Now I just need to tone and lose that last bit (my doctor is a nag about it because he wants my cholesterol to go down a little more)!! What works for one doesn’t work for everyone is so very true along with the lunacy of fad diets!!

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  6. My friend and I were just discussing when you cross the line between overweight and in dangerous territory. It’s harder to lose weight the older you get. I’m glad you’ve found something that works. (K)

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  7. That’s my preferred eating method too. Well, it wasn’t intentional or thought out, it’s just what I’ve done for most of my life.

    P.S. I’m also happy to know you overcame cancer and this latest struggle. Your voice is so lovely in this world…

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    • I believe I have but I was recently informed that cancer is a chronic illness … in that I have to state I have it on every form coz we all know it eventually comes back, even if that’s 20 years later! Bit of a shock, I prefer to think I’m cured, not going to anxiously wait around worrying about the second episode!

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  8. Good for you for finding out the best way to eat for your own body! I’m glad you found a doctor who steered you toward that dietician. And dang, I wish I had a view like that from my front door!

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  9. i had my surgery too Kate years back and it has taken a lot of toll in my well being as well. and yes, staying and keeping a desired body weight is difficult especially if you are under certain prescription drugs, and like you i never gave up. like you i also found a better way to deal with my medications and its side effects..

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    • Once I realised it was the meds killing me, not the cancer or the surgery, I stopped them after ten months … the medical team was furious! It took 5 months to clear the toxins from my body and never felt better since!

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  10. Great advice!
    Keep doing whatcha’ need to do to be healthy! We need you around here for at least another 50 years!
    Cancer does a number on us, but sometimes “the cure” is worse. I’ve not let them put me on any hormonal drugs.
    (((HUGS))) ❤
    PS…I'm still playing a bit of catch-up on WP, but won't get around to all the posts everyone posted the past 3+ days. Oh, well! 🙂

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    • it does a real number and you were super wise to refuse hormonal treatment … another income generator for the big pharmas!

      No need to read any more of mine, you wont miss much and I totally understand 🙂

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