Delphi charioteer

I fell passionately in love
at such a young age
he instantly
caught my heart

but now I look back
he’s corroded
with age
just like me

our youth long gone
yet still we stand strong
the Delphi charioteer
so skilfully sculpted

it was a fleeting
holiday romance
didn’t really stand a chance

yet the passion

remains clear
as I stood before my dear
tall strong and what a face
his eyes followed me

no matter how brief
true love does sneak
when least expected
keep your heart open

for me self love
is the big challenge
so I might stand tall
just like him!

d’Verse, Passions stamped on Lifeless things, Merril


  1. Holiday romances seldom last, even with such a handsome figure (if a bit stone-faced). 😏 But lessons learned, nonetheless! 😀

    (Did you mean to write no instead of so in the second to the last stanza?)

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  2. the rhythm of this poem is alert and feverish, Kate. It expresses well the strength of a budding love and its persistence despite age. This poem is the proof of this.

    Your poem sings love and its melody of words is like the Delphi charioteer
    Michel ❤

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  3. Ah yes…..the last stanza is magnificent! Self-love, in these days of media plying us with photoshopped images and its emphasis on youth, can sometimes be difficult to achieve.

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  4. Ooh! He’s so handsome! But what cold, stony eyes. And he seems so inflexible. 😉
    But, I bet you could’ve melted his hard-hearted heart if you had given it a go! 😉
    What a creative, powerful poem, SweetKate! And such an important message.
    I’m living with an open heart…open arms, open hands, and open mind, too. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

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  5. Your poem hits close to home! I think most people have a difficult time as I know I am my own worst critic! We should strive for self love and love of others – even our enemies. A tough challenge but one well worth the effort.

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