Children systemically stolen from families in broad daylight by government officials and religious zealots who’d determined that they could ‘breed’ the savagery out. Read that as they’d found a ready source of slavery.

Moved onto mission compounds trained to the churches standards, no language or customs allowed. Siblings harshly parted, no access to family, country or tradition. They suffered at every possible level, too many buried nearby.

Their tormentors felt justified so their cries were ignored. Some hung themselves, others rubbed themselves raw trying to make their skin white while everyone ignored their plight. Others subjected to sadistic paedophile rings, I dress their stories patterned and purple as night.

The general public either ignorant or blind meant those to blame were never held to account. As these proud people try to reclaim their own lives and traditions, desperately searching for relatives and tribal connections.

d’Verse, 144 word prose using the line “I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night.” by Kimberly Blaeser, Lisa from Tao talk

Rabbit Proof Fence is an Australian story of the Stolen Generations … every country seems to have their shame!  The photo is from this movie, these young ladies are gifted actresses.

in today’s news, they are still suffering!

Verification that they are still being stolen … as of 9/12/21


  1. I’m not Catholic but am a Christian…this is NOT how Jesus taught his followers to treat others! A terrible abuse of children under the guise of religion which makes it all more horrific.

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  2. Heartbreaking and powerful post, Kate and yes I completely agree with you. All this outrage is still going on all over the world. The poor have no say and there are few activist who do so much for them. Nice post thanks for sharing.

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  3. As you point out, every nation has its crimes against humanity and many are on-going, and many of these so-called educative programmes were run by religious institutions. It has taken massive group actions to get the Vatican to acknowledge there might have been a teeny problem with pedophilia, and the Magdalen Laundries coming to light has been one of the reasons the Irish have left the Church in droves and are not going back. Let’s get our priorities right.

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  4. Powerful, important write, SweetKate! Thank you! We must never forget and we must continue to fight for the rights of everyone who needs us to fight!
    The tears are flowing. So heartbreaking (and maddening) that this has happened all over the world, and is still going on in many places. 😦
    I had a much older friend (he has since died) who was Seminole. What you have described here happened to him when he was just a little boy. His story is heartbreaking.
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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  5. Here in the US the First Nations were systemically stripped of their lands and then forced onto reservations. From there the children were taken and “educated” some educated to death. It was horrible and yes, the ripple effects is still seen even today nearly 100 years after the practice was halted… As for bringing individuals to justice – they have all long ago died and are being judged by their creator.


    • ours is still happening to some degree … they have the highest rates in prison, psych units, foster care, etc … sadly those two institutions are struggling to change their attitude!

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  6. racism combined with religion and government is the most terrible thing in our human history. 💔

    thank you for the link, I did not know about that. But similar environmental racism happens a lot here all over the USA…

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  7. It’s a story almost too heartbreaking for words, but we can’t let these crimes go unknown and unpunished. I have seen Rabbit Proof Fence, an excellent film.

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    • Kate, your scathing indictment of the guilty parties is fully justified and I wonder how we can reach those wrongdoers and get some restorative justice for the untold numbers of those harmed in campaigns to exterminate cultures 😦 Those still suffering from the practices that were imposed upon them need blankets of healing support wrapped around them.

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