my ebook

this first ebook is for those I know
… yes it is free but I would ask that nobody share it!  

If others want a copy please refer them back here so that I can try to gauge the interest?

once requested I will imbed the password as a comment on your blog
then you can download it from my post ebook download

if I don’t know you, please don’t be offended but
this is meant as my gift of gratitude to those I’ve interacted with

if you are interested in receiving my next ebook
then please get involved in commenting on my posts?


  1. I am so so so thrilled get a copy of your ebook Kate….i am done with it and i can’t help but be grateful not only for the wisdom you have but for the friendship as weell over the years..

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  2. I’d be interested in trying to download it, (My computer skills aren’t good). Thanks so much for the offer! And disregard my comment on your other post….I wrote that before I read this.

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  3. Hey Kate,

    This is magnificent. The design and forwards really position the concept. Your photography was a glimpse into the natural beauty of Australia and your poems were a Wellspring of positivity.

    You should be really proud of presenting this amazing collection and thank you so much for sharing it with me.

    I love it

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    • thanks Robbie, yes glad there are plenty keen to read … didn’t feel comfortable to send it to those who don’t know me. Hopefully I will get over that 🙂


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