when doom and gloom
invade your room
when blue and grey
shade your day

fling them off
don’t let them stay
crank up the music
dance like a deva

wear something
saucy sexy foxy
really spoil yourself
ensures mental health

be slightly obscene
you are the dancing queen
dissipates stress
makes you mistress

of your own kind heart
singing out loud
dispels that cloud
laugh and giggle

let those hips wriggle
bounce about
let love flow out
create a brighter mood

eat some naughty food
chat with someone close
extinguish any morose
paint life with colour

d’Verse, ABBA, Lillian – italics is the inserted song line … thanks Bjorn!

my photo of my kangaroo paw [yellow flower] and RObyn Gordon [red flower]


  1. Very nice photo of Kangaroo’s Paw. I can resonate with your post. Doom and gloom has invaded me as I have been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing the knife in 12 days. Hopefully it has not spread and I will live to laugh with Garfield.

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    • oh dear heart, so very sorry to hear that … where is it located? You are a survivor, you can do this … Whatever I have done, you can do better! You are sincerely in my thoughts and prayers, sending you sunshine and healing 🙂


  2. Loving the rhyming….loving the mood…..loving the idea! Oh yes! If I’m feeling the least bit droopy, I can flip on the music from Mama Mia and soon I’m dancing round the house! GREAT advice! Extinguish that morose!

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  3. Right on, SweetKate! This is so wonderful! Your poem and photo! We join you in the dancing! Such great advice! At least for me, whenever I sing and or dance it brings smiles and joy! More people should sing and dance together! 🙂
    Your flowers are gorgeous!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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