blaming women’s attire
for men’s dark desire
is such a lame excuse

even covered crotch to crown
in a conservative dull gown
you undress us with your eyes

fed up with lies, take responsibility
for damaging power and thrust
reign in your wanton lust!

d’Verse, quadrille or 44 words inc. ‘crown’, De Jackson

giant honey hooks


  1. Agreed, in spades. I’ve read about a terribly tragic statement art exhibit that displays “what they wore.” As you can imagine, it’s everything under the sun.

    The line “crutch to crown” did make me smile, as I’ve never heard it said like that. Might have to steal. My sis in law says “crouch.” 😉

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  2. So very true, and I feel the battle is being won, that some of the behaviours once tolerated are simply no longer acceptable…hopefully less and less…

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    • My apologies for being too naïve…that is very sad to hear. I just assumed that in today’s society it was decreasing due to better exposure and better laws and things, so it is not good at to hear it is increasing. At all. My sincere apologies for difficulties with my blog. I keep trying different sites to make it easier.

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      • lockdown hasn’t helped, couples being locked in close quarters 24/7 has escalated DV here.

        Did you get my comment on this most recent post. .. it made me subscribe not just to your blog but to their rubbish … unsubscribed again so doubt I’ll try posting any more comments. Seems I’m the only one having hassles so it’s not significant


  3. You stand before us beautiful
    Can we be blamed for our desire?
    Victims of our instincts
    Of the hormones that conspire
    To set our heartbeats racing
    To ignite internal fire
    You stand before us beautiful
    Can we help what you inspire?

    You stand before us beautiful
    And our minds do what they must
    We are such simple chemicals
    We are just dust to dust
    We gaze at you in wonderment
    Yet all you see is lust
    You stand before us beautiful
    All we ask of you is trust

    …. that’s 88 words, so does it count as a double?

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  4. OK …. um …. how about this one? 44 words!

    I am the king of nothing
    A nobody in town
    I wear an air of optimism
    Beneath my rusting crown
    I stare at all the ladies
    They just glance at me and frown
    I wonder what’s inside their heads
    And what’s beneath their gown

    And I’m trying not to waiver too far from your central theme, albeit from a different perspective

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    • I make no attempt to be PC, as you know.
      But, just to be clear, I am more than aware of what that art exhibition was all about, and it’s certainly not about clothing. It’s about the horrible and utterly unjustifiable misuse of power. And yes, most of us ARE asking you to trust us, because most of us (virtually all of us, I would hope) condemn these things as strongly as do you.


  5. great quadrille! but a subject that is going to go on for a few more generations before both sides sort it out. both sides are wrong and right at the same time. on different levels. one day rape will be gone. i hope

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  6. A powerful indictment against blatant self-justification, Kate.We have to keep speaking out against this. Great photo illustration by the way. Apparently women are just “hooks” for the violence committed against them.

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  7. Strong and powerful citation Kate… A topic that has been there for years and even more years to come…. Attire is just an excuse those idiots give in place of lust..

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  8. HI Kate, your poem brought to mind my dad’s comment when any of us four girls dressed unsuitably, in his opinion. “If you advertise, you get a response.” I was always careful not to advertise incorrectly. Things are very different now and people have a lot more freedom. I thought this when I was looking at pictures of the girls dance dresses recently.

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  9. You said a lot in just a few powerful words. Men do need to control their own lust….I’ve often thought that there would be no child sex abuse if no one was willing to actually have sex with a child, you know? Ditto for women forced into prostitution.

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  10. Ah, this is true Kate…with my experience in women’s shelter while writing my book, i realized that those victims of sexual assaults were said to be wearing inappropriate clothes…and i cant believe

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  11. Kate, beautifully written and lyrical poem. Lovely rhymes. 🙂 I so agree with the message! I doubt if burkas would be enough to discourage bad behavior. Even societies that wear very little have rules for behavior. Men are responsible for their actions, and women’s fashion is no justification to violate the rights of women.

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  12. Thanks for your words Kate. This is so true. No one is safe neither toddlers nor grannies. It hurts me a lot when I write this but there are stories in local newspapers which are beyond me.

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  13. This for me raises a question that why don’t the mothers teach their male child to grow up respecting who she is. A human who grows to be a gentleman. I have always hated the male gender, I guess my family didn’t gave me a good example but I really don’t understand why are we growing this way?
    I am sorry if it raises more questions or feels like an insult to a female. I just have this question no bad intention attached.
    I really enjoy the outspoken way of yours. The words do really poke and help me to ponder on the topic. Thank you for sharing and waking many more like me to think upon what can be done.

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    • parents are a child’s first dominant examples, if the father is a bully and the mother totally powerless, ouch. Then if the mother lets her son also dominate, be entitled, spoilt, etc he learns NO boundaries.

      Parenting is not easy but mothers do need to step up on this one, and men need to speak out and shame any form of violence or abuse. While they hold their silence and ignore such behaviour it will never stop!

      Glad to make you think … I’ve worked for years with people and the basis of all my studies was sociology, so I look for patterns and gaps 🙂

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