all roads lead to the sea
common ground for humanity
a place to soothe and heal
it has a plethora of appeal

the rhythmic sounds
it knows no bounds
empowers for a start
blessing a weary heart

the sea ignites my senses
past the fallen fences
Fay painted it this way
captured its illusive sway

the sparkling aqua hue
chases away any blue
gulp that fresh air
let go of all despair!

Fay Collins Art

d’Verse, ekphrastic, Sarah … using one of Fay Collins lovely artworks for inspiration!


  1. Beautiful as well as touching the heart! Kate, when my wife and I visited the Atlantic Ocean a few years ago, it had been years since I last saw an ocean shore (Pacific in 1979). It is an incredible experience to see the power of nature at work, both in our hearts and minds.

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    • how are you Paul … I was thinking of you on my beach walk this morning! Thinking how the beach is womb like for me and that NPs might be your womb ….

      Interested in my ebook, it’s not compulsory 🙂


  2. This is a beautiful poem for a beautiful painting! The sea is such a healing place for many! A place to lose yourself and let the waves and sounds wash over you! Well done!

    I also love your new beautiful blog format!

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  3. I agree with you, “all roads lead to the sea,” east of west, they simply stop at the ocean; like most rivers lead to the sea. Fay’s use of blue gets attention in all I’ve read out here on the trail. Certainly there is something healing about being next to the sea, those negative ions and kelpy breezes.

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  4. Amazing deep poem in total accord with the art work
    And the rhymes are there . I like this, Kate .
    BTW ; do the roads go to sea or they come from? 😉
    Congrats again,


  5. Kate,
    It’s hard not to gush over this poem, but it’s joyous ebullience just overflows! I can’t think of a better interpretation of this lovely painting.

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  6. A painting’s such a cruel deceit
    No ocean there to wash your feet
    No blue sky to sit beneath
    No Eiffel Tower, no Scottish Heath
    No sun to warm your naked skin
    No gentle breeze to sooth within
    No wine to taste, no rose to smell
    The colours are all chemical
    There’s nothing three-dimensional
    A magic trick. A lie to sell
    Ms Collins! Stand aside, my dear
    We’ll have none of your magic here
    Your charming, calming circus acts
    Are hiding all the horrid facts

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  7. OH! Fabulous painting and poem pairing! Thank you to Fay Collins, and to you, SweetKate! 🙂
    The rhyme, the word-pics you painted, the message, and the emotions…all smile-bringers, heart-touchers, mind-calmers, spirit-lifters! 🙂 You chase the blues and bring the yellows! 🙂 🌞
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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