Striding out along the beach
I reflect on fairs enjoyed …

Balmain in the old sandstone church
but best would be the Indian fair
with hundreds of vivid fabric bolts, of
fascinating sideshows, excited families
who work far too hard indulging
a joyful time

d’Verse, ‘fair’ quadrille of 44 words, Linda

net pic


  1. Indian clothes are truely brillant, Kate .
    I am wondering : is it in Australia you saw them or in India?
    About Balmain you know certainely it is also the name of styled clothes maker in Paris
    Love ❤

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  2. Colorful and exciting and interesting. Love the part where we head towards the swings and get swooned by the people shouting in fear though they are not afraid of it. Glad that you enjoyed the Indian fairs. Did you tried the swings?

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    • Yes indeed there are so many beautiful thing to buy at the fair. We never think of the worker who created them
      Nice one


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      • Indians work very hard for the fair or not, the women manually build roads and buildings, carrying soil, rocks and all resources on their head! Takes two men to lift it up there, no idea what that does to a persons neck 😦


    • it’s a biannual event and so huge, as only India can do. The stall owners and crowd came from far and wide … an exciting few days I will never forget. It was an easy bus ride from where I lived then.

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