love warmly

the sun shines on all
warming our hearts
kissing our skin
thawing our tensions

we heed its call
knowing it imparts
equal love for all kin
seductive intentions

soaking it up we feel tall
this is where love starts
caresses evoke a grin
joyful ascensions

blissfully scrawl
sharing our arts
ensures we all win
creative inventions

love let erupt warmly
let go of rigidity
embrace inclusion
live in bliss now

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  1. Kate, your verses capture the innocence of sharing love. I especially like to read the first line of each stanza as a collection of five verses. May the coming week be filled with special moments for you.

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  2. soaking it up we feel tall
    this is where love starts

    I love these lines and the entire poem – a beautiful reminder of the greatest and true source of love, power and the energy of our being. It is only a matter of opening up ourselves to receiving from where it comes from truly.

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  3. YES! Love this poem! Right on, SweetKate! Sun! 🌞 Love! ❤ 'Good Day, Sunshine'!
    Life, and mood, changing…gotta' take it in before we can share it! And we must share to all…not just to those like us.
    Sunny-(((HUGS))) 🌞
    PS…I've always believed you are akin to the sun…you bring warmth, light, brilliance, a golden-dazzling joy to us all! 🙂 Shine on, MyFriend! 🌞
    PPS…now I'm thinking of so many cherry songs with the word sun in them! 😉 🙂

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