common sense left the room ages ago
basic manners followed shortly after
values and ethics got lost in space
sheeple stumbling aimlessly in the dark

consumerism and devises dumbing us down
distracting our ability to think independently
so apathetic we seldom exercise our freedom
easier to make no choice than to take a stand 

for anything or each other, alienated, in strife,
lost in the jargon, inept to act responsibly
easier to fabricate fantastical fables
than to boldly entertain actual reality 

juicy slander that undermines
especially those ‘marginalised’
confused with fear and bias
memory lapse an easy excuse

can readily rave about saving the planet
but far too light on taking any responsibility
what happened to our fighting spirit
eschewed by conservative narrow minds

our humble hearts drowned
along with sincerity
unable to claw our way out
of confabulated bemusement 

at others expense
humanity lost and bewildered
as we shirk responsibility
destroying our offspring’s inheritance

written about 9 months ago and sent to a literary magazine that have declined to publish it …


  1. A profound poem, Kate and the beginning…

    “common sense left the room ages ago
    basic manners followed shortly after” is just fantastic.

    I could relate to so many incidences. About the rejection. I am not aware of the publication politics but it’s reader’s loss I must say.

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  2. As the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Thank you for sharing your words which do speak volumes…That is such a beautiful photograph! Together with the poem, it reminds us that we are all in this together and must do our best to make the world a better place. Every voice and action does count. This poem raises awareness and that is a very good thing, Kate.

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  3. I must agree a brilliant poem and I thought of ScoMo the whole time. I think you should post it on his Facebook page, though I’m pretty sure Scotty from Marketing wouldn’t get it. 😟

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  4. Definitely their loss and our gain! Your poem is packed with powerful images and messages! It touches the mind, heart, and soul.
    Just talking with a loved one yesterday about the fact that manners seem to have vanished in our world today.
    Your photo shows such beautiful layers of nature.
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

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  5. Wonderful poem! I’ve been musing on this too – we are sometimes the only voice and at others we are drowned out by the clamor of dissenting opinions. And there is the constant tug between action and words…

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  6. I totally agree with your truly poignant poem Kate.. and your opening stanza is my catch-cry exactly ..
    “common sense left the room ages ago
    basic manners followed shortly after
    values and ethics got lost in space
    sheeple stumbling aimlessly in the dark”

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  7. Alienation is such apt title for this very skillful piece of poetry – you describe with such great depth of understanding the alienation happening to our natural existence itself. It does feel true that we are all collectively shirking our responsibility.

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  8. Their loss is our gain, Kate! I love the message here: why can’t we take responsibility for our children’s futures?
    I am waiting for some rejections to come back so I can publish them 😅

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