some of us love to taste
any tempting treat
sweet sour or spicy

others prefer their staple diet
shunning anything different
secure within their limits

frankly I suffer indigestion
with our current situation
like fish bones stuck in my gullet

while others absorb the full menu
not requesting clarification
consume whatever they’re fed

no discernment or questions
just complacent consummation
never exploring or testing

the food dished out daily
while I yearn to savour
and ask for specialist dishes

do you devour whatever is vomited
or search for tasty treats
check closely before you eat!

d’Verse, conceit, Bjorn 
A conceit is defined as an extended and complex metaphor that creates an element of surprise. If a metaphor is used to enhance imagery the conceit is better suited to describe an intricate metaphysical or emotional subject.
sorry I needed time to consider this one and its not in a classical style like so many have done

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  1. An adventurous palate is excellent, but what’s more important is to know what we need for our own nourishment and understand that everyone’s needs and tastes are different. And also, the intuition to realize how our diet (food or otherwise…) makes us feel and then adjust accordingly…
    I enjoyed your poem. It was fun to read and it really made me think 🙂

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  2. Kate, enjoyed the journey of these verses. For some, food presents few if any obstacles . . . eat anything and everything. For others like myself, our body humbles us with life altering health situations. Just don’t send me any Brussels Sprouts.

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  3. As vegan / vegetarian. Variety is the spice of life. I like think that we think before we buy, we don’t just eat the same old. Change, and varieties of cuisine are most essential.

    But your message is deeper than the food we consume. I take it mean , the news we hear aka food of the mind, do we blindly consume, not putting our brain into 6th gear coasting along in neutral, never questioning or challenging the status quo, of the policital world , of world leader, of money hungry multinational where money and power is more important than ethics and moral on climate, where really news is made too look false, so that we just accept without putting our brain into gear, our heart into living, robots we are becoming.

    Well I really hope I am no robot.

    Lovely poem, written beautifully and the message deeper than food

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    • aced it Bella … you know me so you translated my metaphor well!

      This runs so deep at so many levels … some you’ve mentioned but also … our chain supermarkets consumed our corner stores and now they are consuming all our food producers! Copying their recipes, making it ‘home brand’ until those original companies collapse. The variety of products on our shelves are controlled and so are the prices …

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  4. As you know we travel a lot and I like to taste new dishes but I do my home work well in advance 😊. People are sensitive about their food and culture and I try not to hurt their feelings.

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  5. Ahh, double entrees, very clever Kate. As to my preference, I like the tried and tested personally. I don’t venture into the unknown 🙂

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