with borders closed in every direction
dreaded missing Salem’s gruesome collection
leapt upon my trusty broomstick
across the ocean, giving borders the flick
arrived in time for the autumn show
joined the cavorting and careening flow
natural beauty revellers and history
plus tantalising mystery

d’Verse, 44 words inc. ‘careen’, Lillian – inspired by Lillian’s post about the prompt!


  1. Seriously how did you cram all that into such a small verse and still have it make perfect sense and be fun too? You are a whizz at this Kate. Love it

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  2. Haha! It sounds like that broom stick needs seat belts!! I’ll pass on taking a ride with you as I don’t need to circumvent the border patrol or customs. But it would have come in handy when we wanted to geocache in Canada!

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  3. LOVE this post and its reference to the crazy crowds in Salem, MA over yesterday’s and last night’s Halloween….and really the entire month of October.
    “joined the cavorting and careening flow” — cavorting and careening….putting those words together, with the sounds they make in your mind when you read them….or if you read them aloud…I can hear them bumping into each other…cacophonous! 🙂


    • much appreciated Lillian, you really did inspire me! I had to cut back on words and nearly took cavorting out but I also liked the sound and managed to cut other words 🙂


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