my first real attempt at still life …

tis our season of fruits
bountiful and bright
to suit all tastes with delight

experimenting with still life it seems one needs bright lights to erase the shadows …
outdoor photography is more my style 


    • Thinking about your comment about the shadows, I wonder if a flash might help — the composition is good, but some of the shadows might well disappear with a little extra light!

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    • still photography is photographing things that don’t move – are still – usually indoors. So most ‘still’ art are bowls of fruits or flowers … thanks for asking!

      Outside even the flowers we take bob about in the wind nothing is ‘still’ but the natural light makes it so much easier to control shadows 🙂

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  1. It looks like I am up too late for your healthy breakfast Kate …just plain old Uncle Toby’s Plus, with dried fruit bits for me .. your photo looks gorgeously delicious

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  2. Such a beautiful still-life photo, SweetKate! The shadows add character! It’s the sun saying, “I see your delicious meal! I’m shining down on you, too!”
    Yummy yum yum! The seasons of the freshest fruits and veggies are a joy! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. I am jealous! Many of our summer fruits are gone for another year. My wife can never enjoy enough watermelon. I agree with your assessment of indoor photography, and I much prefer opportunities waiting outside. Have a great week Kate.

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