is not my scene
coz fragility and fear
loiter daily here
illness, poverty and pollution
we need a realistic solution

why celebrate scary
life’s already hairy
can I transform anger and harm
ease my mind, become more calm
be completely equal to absolutely all
joyful kindness an instinctive call

moderate the candy
look dapper and dandy
let my skeletons escape
to lessen their impact and shape
appease my ghosts
so I might coast

through these last days of lockdown
prefer to emerge with a smile not a frown
next week we can fly overseas
but not interstate, it’s a tease
families and friends parted
no pollie or sport was martyred

boosters still under discussion
delays have drastic repercussion
massive unemployment
with military deployment
to issue huge fines
to those not towing lines

this poem seems to have digressed
as our current problems depress
you had a capital riot
our assault came stealthily quiet
senior PS punished for calling
this ‘medical apartheid’ is appalling

so as you celebrate communing with the dead
we will slowly creep from our isolation dread
inflation about to take off
housing and food prices a scoff
the gap a gnawing chasm
can we survive this spasm …

a “stream of consciousness” poem inspired by both Lisa and Ingrid’s prompts for d’Verse OLN, Linda

my pic of Natural Arch … like a waterfall through the dark porthole of pandemic …


  1. Lovely shot but your poem is an exception, Kate. I think the celebration is a part of the consumer culture. The disparity among social classes has increased a lot in last two years but not sure ho wmany have started to noticed it.

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  2. This is what’s been in my mind lately Kate and you said it so well for me…i really am happy you put into poetry this idea..been meaning to write about it but can’t seem to find my way…and yay, there you go.

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  3. Kate, I appreciate your “stream of consciousness” poem. The messages are real and genuine, much more so than these “playful” Halloween spirits. Compared with my childhood years, Halloween has become “big” business. What’s happened to the innocence of yesteryear?

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  4. I’ve always thought that Halloween should be limited to smiling jack-o-lanterns and kids getting candy in their costumes. Who really wants to celebrate scary? And yes, our times are scary enough. The virus brought us many problems, and the lock downs brought even more. We’re going to be dealing with the aftermath of them for a long time.

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  5. I think our present-day Halloween celebrations are a fun fantasy activity. Also, a time to laugh at our fears. People generally do not take seriously ghosts and monsters. The candy is an issue I dealt with when my children were young. I let them eat as much as they wanted for one day. Then I bought the rest from them and doled it out at school over a long period of time.

    I couldn’t agree more, Kate, that we live in terrifying times with real problems to be addressed!

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  6. Celebrate instead
    With sparkles and glulitter
    Candlelight and gifts
    Friendships, relationships
    Stories around the fire
    Laughter, love, spread those
    One moment at a time

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  7. Halloween in France is recent under the American influence. In France, do we celebrated All Saints’ Day on November 1st. It was a time of meditation of which your poem is an expression, Kate.
    Love ❤

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  8. There is true horror in the current situation, and I fear it’s just the start, because our world ‘leaders’ are not taking the climate and biodiversity crisis at all seriously…

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  9. Many of us share your thoughts and feelings! Thank you for expressing them so well!
    Your photo is stunningly beautiful! Just getting to observe a waterfall is so healing and smile-bringing! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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    • I know your riot had those strongly for and against but it was in your face and couldn’t be missed … ours came on another level and most haven’t even noticed 😦


  10. I’d do your lockdown if it would mean our cases would fall. But alas, we are a wild and wooly free for all. I hide in my place with unvaccinated and the coughing all in my face. I’ve masked and vaxxed and kept my distance and soon will be rolling up my sleeve to get my booster and feel relieved while I hope and pray that the pandemic goes away!!

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