tea tree

Not sure if you’ve heard of or used our famous healing oil from this plant, tea tree or melaleuca, has 14 healing qualities … and cleans well!  Here I am growing it with a few marigolds in my own pots.  I’m growing quite a few Australian Native plants with marigolds for colour and to attract the birds and bees. But the Melaleuca needs to be distilled to extract the oil, a process that I can’t do at home.

I’ve lived in melaleuca country near the big vats where they process the leaves to extract the oil … a major process to sell it worldwide.

My real go to plant is the aloe vera, for burns, cuts, stings, itches … it’s juice offers instant relief!  But I keep tea tree in my first aid kit as it’s the ideal antiseptic, and easily cleans off any sticky gooey stuff.


  1. I remember tea tree oil from the days of teenage acne! I always loved the smell, but had no idea what the plant looked like, until now. Thank you for showing me 😊

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  2. I bought a lot of tree tea oil when I last visited Australia. I use it for aromatherapy too and for stings, itches and stuff. Lovely pot of flowers you have there with the tea tree! How are you keeping Kate? Sorry I have not been typing a lot so as to allow my hands to heal post surgeries.

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  3. Interesting, I have never seen these lovely flowers before and a nice name tea tree. Growing aloe vera and neem in the garden or in pots is common in India. I like the colour of your pots, blue.

    I miss lovely varieties of marigolds. In festive seasons marigold flowers are used in abundance to decorate homes.

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  4. The tea tree is beautiful. I didn’t realise it looked like that. Marigolds are great in the garden too. When we were kids we called the stinking Rogers. They leave an unpleasant smell on the hands, but I think they are effective as insect repellant.

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