low clouds hug the horizon
as a freight ship chugs north
dense green scrub along the west
with occasional glints of roof tops
as kilometres stretch ahead

sprinkled with blue tiger butterflies
who dance above then flutter away
terns gather on the rocks resting
the odd gull wheels about, all so
serenely safe in this sacred spot

worn smoothed rocks and so many shells
rock pools where sea anemone squirters
abound as weed and barnacles regrow
an occasional dog walker, sunbaker or jogger
amble quietly along this tranquil beach

wander close to the tides edge so waves
can kiss and gently massage my feet
vast blue sky above lulled by the rhythmic
pounding of the waves; not even a dozen
people within view, an uncluttered treasure

my beach untouched by pandemic pollutions
where sun surf serenity and sand meet
to knowingly and undeniably defeat
the fears and fragilities of our world
a wondrous haven, a sacred secret retreat

blue tiger butterfly – glints blue and bronze in the sun, not seen them before and never on the beach! net pic


  1. Lovely poem Kate. I wonder what brought these blue tiger butterflies to wander near a beach. Ah, I would love to spend some quiet time on a beach with moderate temperature.

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  2. Your beautiful poem (your words) pick us up and set us down right in the middle of tranquil! 🙂
    I’m so glad you, and your senses, are filled with such beauty and peace every day! Keep breathing it in! Keep being grateful for it! Keep letting it soothe and heal! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    OHMYGOSH: that butterfly is so beautiful! Any day with a visit from a butterfly is a great day! 🙂
    🦋 🦋 🦋
    PS…we used to live just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. And spent a lot of time there. But now we live in the mountains…so beautiful and serene. Both places have brought so much joy and peace into my life. 🙂

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  3. So idyllic, Kate. It sounds perfect.
    A few years ago there was a huge migration of those butterflies from down south to up here. I was visiting the Sunshine Coast when they arrived – masses of the beauties. I love butterflies.

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  4. Blue Tigers are always in the hind dune on the path to the North Wall 🙂

    They flit along the path as well. There are some interesting birds at the moment on South beach. Was thinking of going on Monday. Glad we didn’t as we just got home before the hail 🙂

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