life is no different from an actor on stage
I play my role, more aware as I age

have I hindered or helped
brought joy and calm or yelped

my future is reflected by how well I act today
do I babble or stop to really hear what others say

will they offer a posy with a rousing encore
or will others be more keen to even the score

we all tread the boards
but few win academy awards

I need to be kinder, behave better
or my agent might send the letter

saying ‘step up, don’t forget your lines’
can’t impress the critics in these times

know that kindness to all I meet
will enable me to defeat

my blind pride and preoccupation
radiate a more loving vibration

I may never be an acclaimed star
but I can raise my performance bar!

a  ‘couplet’ on the ‘theatre’ inspired by Punam who responded to the octpowrimo

the sandpipers dancing on stage, great duet!



  1. Well said Kate! Your words capture the essence of life, without the theatrics. With humbleness and kindness, we can rediscover the precious gift of a more positive attitude filled with a cooperative spirit.

    Your poem encourages me to reflect and write. Thank you!

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  2. That last line – amazing beautiful powerful! We are all celebrities of our own life – the more we own it with humility and courage alike. I find always more and more room to cultivate kindness in every which way towards myself and other. Your poem fuels such renewal of these intentions of living consciously and purposefully.

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  3. Right on, SweetKate! 🙂 Never doubt it…you DO help, bring calm, joy…, also, encouragement, hope kindness, love, and so much more!
    Great comparison of life to theatre! 🙂 Reminds me of what Mr. Bill Shakespeare said! 🙂
    OHMYGOSH…those dancing dueting made for the stage sandpipers! 😛 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


  4. So beautiful Kate…here you go again…Another poem of yours that rises to to top of my favorites list. This one is stellar…really good! And, I love the sandpipers. This poem reads like a dream…one we need to live.

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  5. Great poem Kate, love how you used the actors on the stage as a comparison to life. Very insightful, it’s your context that speaks 🙂

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  6. The curtain opens, I must show
    The only face I really know
    These lips that hold the truth inside
    A costume that can barely hide
    The scars, the buried injuries
    The squandered possibilities
    The truth has no role here to play
    The audience will have their way
    The actor he must always act
    Hear the laughter, not react
    All the world’s a stage you see
    My world? A comic tragedy

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