bird sonnet

I’m not one for scary goblins or ghosts
indeed I much prefer birds and flowers
until I met a raven who dare boasts
about his huge beak vomiting showers

of slimy creepy crawlies for some hours
as flocks of big beaked birds came hurtling down
felt freaky, like they had scary powers
fear arose that creepy crawlies would drown

Hitchcock touched a raw nerve changing this noun
turning nature into fearsome critters
was totally unnerving, made me frown
invading birds sure give me the jitters

untouched by fantasy ghosts or witches
tangible critters tie me in stitches

a halloween sonnet for Ingrid


  1. I love the crows and ravens – they along with the mice and rats get a bad rap! I’m pretty sure the real evil ones are the 8-leggers and cockroaches!! Those things really make me tremble!! Your photo for this was gruesome!

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  2. I love it! I prefer the natural world too, but this was so fun with references to Hitchcock and ‘a raven who dare boasts/about his huge beak vomiting showers’ – that’s a great Halloween image!

    It is pretty haunting! 🦅

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  3. EEK! 😮 When I was a little girl, Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe freaked me out! 😮
    Your poem is perfect for those who are Halloween-ies. Ha! You’ve captured the YIKES! And I am with you on preferring nature/flowers/etc. over ghosts and goblins!
    We have some ravens and crows here that like to sit on tall posts or tree limbs and talk. They can talk very loud. As Coop and I walk by, I talk to them…and they answer me. It’s fun. Fortunately they’ve never flown down at us…they are bigger than little Coop! 😮
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    HA…Remember, ghouls just wanna’ have fun! 😉 (Cyndi Lauper! 😛 )

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  4. I grew up smiling about the horror fantasy stuff, it never seemed real, but as I grew older I saw it’s appeal and the fact that it performs an important scape goat role in most cultures – explains certain inexplicable events or actions. I was concerned for your portrait – were you having a bad day? 🙂

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  5. Brilliant capture of birds reigning above as well as raining down. Thinking of Hitchcock, I avoided viewing his classic big and scary film (though I’ve seen a few times). After reading your verses Kate, now I know why.

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  6. Kate, darling, I don’t know where you got that picture from but my goodness! On the other hand, it’s in spirit of Halloween. Right on time!

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  7. Sheesh girl, you do scary with finesse. And you met such a raven? You brought ghostly magic to the sonnet. Thumbs up even from someone who scares easily.
    Thanks for the chills and knot in my stomach.
    Be well. Don’t fraternize with ravens please. xo

    Splendid sonnet. 👏

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