love cycling beside the beach

freedom I beseech

exercise within my reach


Ukiah – 3 lines with a syllable count of 7/5/7 and it is required to mono-rhyme!

thanks Val,  

weekly prompt: untried poetry forms, please join in!


  1. I was looking for home today as I walked along.
    Sunshine warming my skin almost felt like home.
    The crunch of leaves underfoot.
    Birds in the hedgerow.
    Still not home.
    Then you.
    13, 11, 7, 5, 3, 2 (Prime numbers backwards. No rhymes.)

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  2. You really own this form! I love the poem and the topic made me smile – remembering the wind in my face and a little salt in the air (went for a ride with my sister on the gulf coast)!

    I think we make our own magic – and riding like the wind with the wind at your back giving you wings is the best magic!

    And thank you for the thanks and the link! I’m so glad to have introduced you to this one!

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  3. What about the good old 10/10/12 format known as ‘the brutus’?
    Poetry sucks when it’s hampered by rules
    Words and imagery the only rules
    For the guidance of wise men, adherence of fools

    Or, alternatively, the 7/8/6 pattern popularly known as ‘Richmond Rules’?
    Poetry should always rhyme
    With rhythm within every line
    Except when it doesn’t

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    • hilarious pops, sounds like the kind of poetry I usually write! Must admit I am enjoying the challenge of these often ridiculous rules … nearly as daft as aussie rules 😉


      • Whoops … that first 10/10/12 pattern doesn’t conform to the very strict Brutus directive. To have the same word trying to rhyme with itself is unforgivable. The second line should read ‘words and imagery the only tools’ – God how I despair at being doddery and old!

        I reached a certain age, it was last November
        It’s rendered me so stupid, that I can’t remember
        And now that I think about it, it might have been September

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        • It might have been in February
          Might have been July
          I can’t recall what day it is
          No matter how I try
          I might have told you yesterday
          Perhaps it was last week
          I forget what I am saying
          Before I even speak
          I sit upon my armchair
          I close my eyes and doze
          And I dream of all the good times
          ‘Cause I remember all of those

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  4. Wonderful Kate ~~~ Pines are my inspiration, tons of walking trails here … up and down! Folks on WordPress have had issues from time to time with Blogspot … usually temporary. I’ve been using it since 2008 and am loath to switch.

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