mother nature is wielding her power
locking us inside with little contact
she’s warning about wanton destruction
but can we hear her …

more harsh storms and blackouts
buildings tumbling down, protests escalating
death, fear and fragility are rife
but can we hear her …

I sincerely believe that the havoc currently wrecking our world is a very real warning to lift our game. Impelling us to live in harmony with each other and our environment. Showing that we care and share rather than cave in to the fear and fragility that haunts this new world.

We need to stop wasting resources, find more ecological solutions, lessen our own carbon footprints. We know our governments are only there to line their own pockets so we can’t wait for them. The ‘one percenters’ have profited hugely from this pandemic, so we need to ensure that resources are shared more equitably.A few suggestions: take a bus, walk or cycle; give others a lift in your hybrid; limit your water use; turn off those lights; buy local; plant a tree, grow veggies; refuse plastic packaging; never litter; recycle and reuse belongings … far cooler than constant upgrades.

We need to disregard or stamp out the toxic fake news and propaganda that spreads the fear. Let’s become more discerning and think for ourselves. Less screen time allows more meaningful connection with each other. We have solutions but need to fully engage them, and not in a token way, for the sake of our well-being and future generations.

© 2021 poem and photo copyrighted https://wordpress.com/aroused.blog
PS this is part of the collaborative work we submitted for publication, the one that was rejected!  I’ve been reluctant to post it thinking it must be too harsh ..


    • and ideal for those on the road Miriam, you meet so many fascinating characters! Much as we do enjoy your scenery and documentation but I’d love to hear about one ro two encounters with the locals or fellow travellers … there must be so many stories there!

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  1. Kate, your honest reflections are not too harsh. The entire world needs a continuous series of major wake-up calls. We keep kicking every problem or crisis down the road for someone else to solve.

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    • well said Gina, I am shocked just at the food waste … why buy more than you need?

      And starting compost bins if one has a yard would help massively … less in landfills and enhance our gardens!

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      • Very true on the compiost bin Kate, there are small ones for apartment living too. It’s just a matter of caring. I mentioned on another blog post that we humans are the only species that need to create waste to survive. We add nothing except more waste. Waste comes to Malaysia from other countries because they have run our of landfills. Food waste is nauseating since our stomach is the size of our fist. I wonder how the earth will reset in the future?

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  2. this may sound harsh but true Kate… if others can’t take the truth it’s their problem but we have to take the lead to do something if not for ourselves at least for the generations to come.

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  3. Excellent, SweetKate! This got me teary-eyed. I wish your words here could be read by millions of people around the world! And when read, I would hope they would LISTEN to (and apply) what they’re reading! I agree with your wise important words 100%.
    Too many people are self-focused and are not nature-focused or other-people/future-generations focused. 😦
    Thank you so much for writing this AND for sharing your wisdom and compassion. You inspire all of us to keep doing the right things!
    ❤ and (((HUGS)))

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  4. Mother Nature doesn’t care
    She’s barely noticed that we’re there
    To her our presence will be brief
    Our departure, a relief
    She’s started packing up our toys
    So much rubbish. So much noise

    Mother Nature has no rules
    (though some intolerance for fools)
    And fools we are for our belief
    That she will offer some relief
    Many fools she’s seen before
    To her we are just one fool more

    So pack your bags. Arrange your stuff
    Mother Nature’s had enough
    She’s ambivalent. She’s bored
    We’ve taken what we can’t afford
    She’s locked the gate. She’s slammed the door
    Too late humans. There ain’t no more.

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  5. Well said Kate. We have a policy at work, everyone grows something and brings it into work. We all benefit and we reduce waste.

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