“well stone the crows”
cried the stony faced hiker
as sliding down the scree
dislodging even more stones along the way

for the sunny warm day
had taken a turn as they
faced a dark looming storm
hiking while stoned takes its toll …

d’Verse, 44 words ‘stone’, whimsygizmo


  1. Well done, Kate. I’ve never heard the phrase before either. Though perhaps this person meant get them stoned. 😀. (I love crows.). Yes, probably not a good idea to go hiking while stoned! This made me laugh.

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  2. Thank you for introducing me to a new saying/idiom!
    Superb poem and photo!
    Hiking and storms are enough of an adventure. 😮 🙂 Does throwing stoned in there help…or make even more of a challenge!?! HA! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


  3. Hehe! I love that phrase “Stone the crows” as an exclamation of surprise. I’ll have to remember it. Sounds like hiking stoned would lead to more trouble than simply sliding down an embankment – being lost in a storm sounds miserable! All in only 44 words – amazing!

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  4. A bit off the mark …. but my 44 words worth (certainly not Wordsworth)

    Stone the crows
    And pluck a duck
    Are you hungry?
    You are in luck
    Let’s pick a chicken
    Nail a quail
    Baste the bird
    We shall not fail
    Cut loose the goose
    Go find a pheasant
    An aviary for lunch
    How pleasant!

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