bowl o bliss

life is but a bowl of bliss
if a kindly life I kiss

anger or envy will rob
vapourizing me into a yob 

healthier to be a kindly caring wiz
ban busyness twisting me into a tis

more and better is a fob
turns me into a right nob

love and life I’ll surely miss
if I self-destruct and hiss 

why get lost in the mob
that surely leads to sob

caring concern like my own sis
vital to becoming that bowl of bliss!

© 2021


  1. For me this style of verses can be read in two ways. I read it as is, with the smaller text sounding as echoes to the larger text. Then reading each set of text as separate entities offers me another view. Thanks so much Kate for sharing your versions of poetic bliss.

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  2. Haven’t seen you much lately. Just came to spend a bit of time and say I hope your Sunday has been wonderful. I agree that Sis and I together make a bit of bliss. Hope you are liking your new home. Time passes so fast, it might not be new anymore.

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  3. Beautiful! Makes me grin and laugh! 😀

    Oh! Let’s swim happily in this big bowl of bliss!
    Even a second of this beautiful life we don’t want to miss! 🙂
    Your wonderful poems always hit just the right spot!
    To walk away without feeling love and joy, I cannot! 🙂

    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Your flower photos are FABULOUS! 🙂

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    • oops thanks for pointing that out … I was so busy rhyming that I didn’t notice it slipping in! Yob = yobbo = richard cranium; nob = snob; sob = cry … have a great day Val!


  4. You caught me with the title Kate and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll take a serve of your bowl o bliss any day. It’s divine


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