love story

as an ugly duckling I was reassured
that I was a “beautiful soul”
felt like shallow consolation
for ‘not pretty enough’
so I just ‘let it be’
knowing that if ever ‘I should be so lucky’
I would surely ‘flaunt it’
coz our ‘love story’ is the ‘rose garden’
we make of what nature bestowed.
Sure ‘smoke does get in your eyes’
and some do have a ‘wooden heart’
but inevitably I moulded it
to the ‘shape of you’!


Kylie Minogue ‘I should be so lucky’

Jesse MacCartney ‘ beautiful soul’

The Platters ‘Smoke Gets in your Eyes’

Elvis Presley ‘Wooden Heart’

Beatles ‘Let it Be’

Lynn Anderson ‘Rose Garden’

Casey Chambers ‘Not Pretty Enough’

TV Rock ‘Flaunt it’

Taylor Swift “Love Story’

Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’

d’Verse, birthday songs, Lillian

A Cento – a patchwork poem entwining lines from elsewhere with my own



  1. LOVE what you did with the prompt….used so many of the #1 hits so very well!
    One little problem: the link you put on Mr Linky goes back to my dVerse prompt. I had to do a search for calmkate at WordPress to find this, since I don’t follow your blog. So, I’ll copy the exact URL for this post to the Birthday prompt and enter it in Mr Linky for you and delete the one that just goes to my dVerse prompt. I think Mr Linky should let me do that. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • sorry Lillian, must be something I’m doing wrong as this isn’t the first time it’s happened … then I wonder why nobody from d’Verse is reading my posts …


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