honestly list your coping skills
now split them into healthy or not

allow the unwholesome
to fade into oblivion

nurture the healthy ones
find more to lessen confusion

we have a core of goodness
with infallible resilience

for when times get tough
ignore the hurtful stuff

you are more than enough
install healthier inner talk

deal with the painful
check it closely

know it’s not you
watch it fade then drift away

don’t give it any more power
each is beautiful as we are

don’t let doubts linger
for you are a true star

Broadwater Beach NP where we did a lovely walk today firstly among the wildflowers in the hind dunes and then along the beach


    • thanks so much Gina … when I saw your host of posts I was rather overwhelmed, sorry! I will pull up my big pants and venture there to bathe in your bounty of poetry 🙂

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      • Hi Kate. My WP site crashed and I lost some posts. I think my email had a breach. Anyways was so thankful I could repost the ones I managed to retrieve. I am sorry if the glut of posts overwhelmed you, it would have been for me too I suppose! hugs and much love for your care and patience with me.

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  1. A good guide to living well! I especially think we are all too able to point out our flaws but ask a person to list their talents or things they like about themselves and the list is small….

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  2. AH! Right on! Brava! SIGH 🙂
    The pair…your photo and your poem…healing, uplifting, wisdom, encouragement, helpful…etc! 🙂 Both are stars… ⭐️ ⭐️ As are you, SweetKate! ⭐️
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Hmmm ….. sometimes I think we overdo this stuff – constantly analysing ourselves and manipulating ourselves like a machine – meticulously adjusting the dials rather than just giving them a random twist. So I propose an alternative (though not very alternative) view, with the working title, ‘Celebrate’.
    No map to follow
    No direction
    Your imperfection
    Don’t separate
    The good from bad
    Embrace what’s happy
    Enfold what’s sad
    No need to cope
    No need to hide
    Life is life
    Enjoy the ride
    You won’t be judged
    There is no score
    And once it’s gone
    There is no more
    Hear the music
    What’s that song?
    No matter
    You just sing along
    You’re never right
    You’re never wrong
    Your weakness is
    What makes you strong
    Do what you like
    Do what you do
    Each part of you

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