keys for calm

sit or lie comfortably
keep your spine straight
inhale, breathe deep
then repeat
relax each muscle one by one
watch those thoughts drift like clouds
count your breath in and out

take yourself to a ‘safe’ space
mentally stroll along tropical beach
turn that phone off and keep it out of reach
or hiking in the ancient rainforest
climb a high mountain
now in your mind be kind
let everything go, just unwind

or use this time to unravel
by mentally exploring a problem
that’s disturbing your mind
breath into it so that you can find
there is a solution abiding inside
so busy you were blind
you already had the answer

ten minutes twice each day abiding,
allocate a regular time and base
make it your healthy happy place
know that it 1s your sacred space
to unlock the beauty inside
build this habit until it’s locked in
and if you miss it, then just start again

© 2021 poem and photo copyrighted

this is part of that same ‘team’ effort after being requested to submit a ‘cooperative’ project for possible publication.  So the rejection is our WP readers benefit!  Thanks Team for a huge effort with an unrealistic deadline …



  1. Kate, thank you so much for this profound and inspiring poem. We need to find a peaceful time and place and concentrate on ourselves and be thankful for whatever we have received in our life. I am doing a 28 days programme on thankfulness and feeling very nice.

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  2. So empowering an exercise to lift us. It’s important to create a happy space and don’t fight the demons, let them come in. I will try doing it and realize been missing my 5 minutes meditation.

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    • yes become acquainted with those demons, so you can cut them off as soon as the arise, don’t give them any room to move!

      At least 5-10 minutes preferably twice a day, will bring huge results once the habit is established 🙂

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  3. OH! I do do this two or three times a day! Been doing it for years! It IS healing, freeing, helping, comforting, mood-boosting, ETC! 🙂
    When I had my babies it was during a time in CA when pregnant moms were NOT given ANY drugs, any epidural, anything to help with the pain of labor and delivery of our babies. We relied solely on breathing techniques like Lamaze. I still use those breathing techniques to this day (eons later)…they are so helpful! 🙂
    Excellent advice poem, SweetKate!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…your photo is a gem! Love the layers, and colors, of Mother Nature! 🙂

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  4. One deep breath
    For life and death
    Hold, release, repeat
    Focus. Vision.
    No indecision
    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
    Take a pause
    Reflect on cause
    Be less. But be complete
    In every way
    Live for today
    Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

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