her favourite brew was dandelion tea
her favourite solution was to ‘just be’
freeing our daily woes with giggly glee

grandma loved to gig and dance
spun her into a divine trance
her healing it would enhance
making us laugh was her key

troubled ones found her place
sitting in her healing grace
helped one feel light as space
calmed and keen to climb a tree

gentle insightful and always kind
attentively caring but never blind
her powers to heal blew my mind
never about you or me, just ‘we’

nothing for her was ever a chore
mind body aspects to explore
her quaintness we did adore
skilful solutions to set us free 

said turmoil came from within
that our mistakes were not a sin
trusted that we would always win
opened our hearts and uplifted me 

tranquillity her shining example
of how life could be ample
not to let reactions trample
‘transformation’ her ultimate plea

d’Verse, zejel, Grace

Zejei is an old Spanish format and can be lines of 8 syllables or a rhyme of aaa bbba ccca and so forth.

© 2021 aroused.blog


  1. Kate,
    I love this affectionate portrayal of someone who obviously gifted her wisdom and love liberally. How wonderful, and how wonderfully expressed in the Zejel form.

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  2. Oh, I love this, Kate!!! 🙂 Everyone needs a woman in their lives like her!!! 🙂
    I’ve had some pretty great jobs and volunteer work-jobs in my life…but being a Mom, Grandma (they call me “MaMa”), Aunt, Great-Aunt, etc., have been my fave roles! 🙂 😀
    Long story…I didn’t get to know my grandmas so I always adopted well-seasoned people into my life (from little girl up to today 🙂 ) and some really amazing people stepped in and were amazing loving role modes for me. Ever grateful!!! 🙂
    Your photos touches heart, mind, soul…brings smiles and healing! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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  3. Both my paternal and maternal grandmothers treated me and cared for me like a prince when I was kid. Probably because I was the first grandchild in the family.
    And both of them were the best friends of each other as well.
    This is such a lovely tribute to the grannies 🙂

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