Very few make meditation their lifestyle, I chose to do so. Some call it contemplation; a fragment of it became trendy as “awareness”; but real meditation is about ‘taming our mind’. It’s about training ourselves to develop healthier habits and give less energy or power to our unwholesome patterns of behaviour.

Most mature people have already established their own form of ‘meditation’. An activity that distracts the crazy monkey mind and gives space to breathe within our harsh busyness of everyday life. For some it might be reading, writing, puzzles; hobbies; music, gardening, exercise, cleaning; personally we know what calms our mind, soothes our soul.

Every time we give our harmful emotions or thoughts, hurtful words or unskilful situations space we can distract that downward spiral by replacing it with brighter thoughts, healthier self-talk. By now we should know our major hurdles – anger, jealousy, envy, self-pity, insecurity, fear, anxiety, etc. . 

Once identified investigate them closely, dissect every part of them, dissembling them piece by piece until we know them to be harmful; soil accumulated from our own bad habits or toxic grenades others have lobbied at us. We can stop them from draining our energy and haunting our sleep; they can be transformed by focusing on healthier habits.

It does take persistent effort; we didn’t become angry or anxious overnight. So it does take time to change ingrained habits, but it can be done. It can empower and heal us. Endowing us with more coping skills, stronger resilience and more kindness so that love can pour from our heart as we help others heal with such simple techniques. It helps connect with others who are attracted by our calm contentment.

this is part of a ‘team’ effort after an online magazine requested we submit a ‘cooperative’ project for possible publication.  So our WP readers reap the benefit of their rejection!  Thanks Team for a huge effort with an unrealistic deadline … and thanks Jenna for editing this.

© 2021


  1. I have been reading about meditation for a while and nothing outhere seemed to make me understand than what you have written here Kate…thank you for sharing this…and sadly it didnt make the cut for publication but know that this has made my interest on meditation took off on a higher notch..

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  2. I used to ride a bicycle everywhere and had plenty of time to think and suffer and be in awe, at the same time. My bicycle taught me breathing techniques and how to ignore certain afflictions on my body such as the elements, sweat, and discomfort. I’ll never forget riding home on those hot, summer nights where the street glittered under orbs of light. There’s a certain magic in being alone.

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  3. You’re right, as we mature we do learn how to avoid the things that trigger our anxiety, anger and fear and we also learn what calms us. I’ve never been successful at meditating, but I find reading a good book, doing a crossword or jigsaw puzzle or even just going for a walk on a fine day to be very soothing. It gives my frenzied little mind the rest it needs!

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  4. Wonderful post! In order to give back to others, we must first take care of ourselves. Being mindful of what brings us joy is so important. When we are able to nurture our own beings, we have so much more to give away to others…as you say in your post, more love, more kindness.

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  5. What wonderful comments from your readers. I also make meditation a daily “please do” exercise. Just like in writing (where I urge my writing students to just write for 10 minutes a day – it makes a difference!) the same can be said for meditating. And I agree with you that for some, walking is meditative (certainly for me), sitting down with a book, petting an animal, etc. And I smile when friends/family say I “calm them” just by my presence. Quite a compliment.

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  6. I find this powerful, important, excellent, wise, inspiring! And worthy of a reread…so I will be back to read it again a few times. 🙂
    Sorry to hear of the not-acceptance. But, thank you to those who wrote and know that your words are helping us!
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

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  7. Excellent words as I am continually readjusting and challenging my thought landscape. Finding others on WP i think has been an act of “Law of Attraction”. I am thankful for my photoblog on WP.

    I love this community!

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