let your heart linger
savour a single moment
in the hurly burly of life
check each senses interaction
taste scent sight sound texture

breath deep, let love seep
know you are enough
resilient and resourceful
be still in this very moment

just BE …

d’Verse, ‘linger’ 44 word quadrille, Linda

© 2021

my pic this morning … unreal!


  1. Love the words of wisdom! The photo is very cool and a little frightening! That cloud looks like an elephant’s foot about to flatten the shore! I hope the magazine accepts it – it deserves a wider audience!

    Liked by 1 person

    • first I’ve ever submitted 🙂 it brought its own weather, the river whipped up, the wind howled and the birds flew around it. So clearly visible they could easily avoid it!


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