as the warmth soaks through my pores
I pause to think on the meaning of life
and notice the cat licking his paws
so I applause the simple joys of life!

I am often impressed with the broad vocabularies of those blogging in English when it’s their second language. How they weave new [to me] wondrous words into their poems and stories. Some words have several meanings depending on their context whilst here are various spellings of words that sound exactly the same but have completely different meanings.

I challenge you to share a short verse with either of these English quirks?


  1. Loved the cute poem on pause, Kate and the kitty cat licking your feet. Seeing the awesome picture I can just add a verse: “Oh! what an awe is nature, a tint of subtle orange in the horizon, as the beautiful sun sets in all her glory, and the lonely tree standing tall, not shaken by the winds of time. The night is slowly approaching, creating silence in the oceanic expanse of calmness.”

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  2. Writing in English when its your second language is really difficult and kinda tricky as well Kate. But its always worth it…i’ll do your challenge.😊😊


  3. “Today’s winds have swept the air out of my sails ..
    And replaced the canvas sheets with sharp nails”

    Here is a new singer I found on YouTube yesterday ..Loner Deer ..

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