who am I?

life is always busy
work never stops
we allocate teams
for specialist jobs

some are engineers
more in the planning process
some fetch food
while others defend

team effort pays off
as we have safe homes
and ready access to picnics
as we forage for the best

some are larger
but mostly we are small
and black, hard work
won’t break our back

follow the trail by smell
time to greet one another
as we trek about our business
complete in our synchronised world

d’Verse, Creepies and Crawlies, Sarah
and my previous one on dragonflies


    • The sun will be soon higher in Australia and the bees will visit non stop the flowers.
      I remember being on the mud of an estuary near Amiens and I was in a population of Asters with a cloud of bees flyng and foraging -(in 1963, for a thesis about the plants in that special place !!!! )

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  1. I love how this could read as easily about humans as ants, if we take a global perspective. Although we need to learn a few things about working together for the good of everyone!

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  2. Nice one! I wrote an ant inspired poem eons ago. I wonder if I can even find it? It might have been lost in the flash drive crash… Anyway you have captured the industrious nature of ants superbly.

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  3. BrilliANT, Kate! 😉 🙂 Love this poem! 🐜
    It’s always a joy to watch ants work… 🐜 as long as they are working outside and not in the kitchen. 🐜 HA! 😀 Ants are busy, hard workers… 🐜 but they always find time to go to a picnic! 😉 🐜 A reminder to us Human-Beans to work hard AND play hard! 😉 🐜
    🐜 🐜 🐜

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  4. Ants are team players. Even when one dies, the others carry it back to the nest as food. I like watching them outside, but again, do not like them when they invade the house.

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