Driving the scenic route home after a nice day out the sun was sinking rapidly. We were enjoying our catch up so much that I’d left a bit late. Then as I approached an area I knew well my tyre blew out!

Back tyre so steering was fine but I was disinclined to pull into the layby where it happened as there was a crowd there. Goblins and geeks are known to gather there on dusk to ensnare the unsuspecting. But as I’d lived nearby in my tiny home I’d been well warned of this strange ritual.

Sounded like a helicopter hovering as I limped on to put a reasonable distance and a couple of bends between myself and the gathering ghoulish crowd. I could see their numbers increase even though no vehicles pulled in … were they coming by water or wing? On this heavily vegetated bend in the river that they regularly haunted keen to find a victim they could bore to death with fine details of their odd hobbies. Collecting road kill, hunting wild boar, gaming, studying number plates and so much more!

Assuming others wanted to know, missing the unsubtle eye rolls, communication not their strong point. Feeling safe I put on the indicator lights as I waited for road service. The lass employed to do road repairs was good, down to earth. Then this goblin stuck his head above her dashboard. He’d come in her passenger seat and wasn’t going to miss his chance to bore me senseless. So he started in, claimed she brought him along for safety unaware that I’d started the eye roll already …

Aware that this is some people’s best attempt to connect, I try to dig deep for patience. When was the last time you were nearly bored to death by endless pointless details of something you obviously had no interest in? A better way to engage is to ask the other about themselves, then the eye rolls can alternate!


  1. that’s really not an issue Norah but when I specifically ask someone to change the topic, clearly stating no more blood and gore please … then they continue in finest detail …

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  2. HA! 🙂 This is great! An ADVENTURE, indded!
    And great advice! 😀
    🙄 🙄 🙄
    PS…”Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carrey
    “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  3. HI Kate, I often have to exhibit extreme patience with others. My own sons have interests that are completely boring to me and I have to listen to endless details of their computer games as well as some of their study material. I like history and English, but IT and maths, huge eyerolls.

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  4. Hehe! I am an expert at listening without being bored. I graduated from an “open classroom” school where there was talk and commotion all around. I can tune out and still appear focused. I can compose poems in my head while still being able to nod in the right spots. And of course I can also really listen. Sometimes the subtext to the conversation is much more interesting than the words. Still an “ambush” can be annoying…

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