Hi Folks,

Do hope you’re having a great weekend, we in northern NSW certainly are with lockdown finally lifted!  Perfect weather to catch up with those little chores – that involve third parties outside our home – that have been piling up while we all waited at home.

and please don’t forget to check out my series on
Great Poets and Poetry Formats
am enjoying the research and keen to share it with others!

Recently reviewed a few films for Sydney Underground film festival and the one that resonated deepest was a documentary on the life of an amazing UK lady who performed under the name of Poly Styrene.  She wanted a name that was ‘plastic and disposable’.  Her story is truly impressive and inspiring … she was a gifted poet, songwriter, performer, activist. Her song ‘bondage’ was about all inequalities.

And here is this week’s SA garage board 

and I had no idea alcohol, a natural depressant, could make one happy!


  1. We too in India have come out of the lockdown and right now we are under Ganpati festival though a lot of restriction but all is well. Do keep on inspiring us with your beautiful stories, Kate and the Garage Board is nice and happy.

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  2. This post made me smile, Kate. I am enjoying your series on poets. The garage sign today is probably good advice because people perceive alcohol as making them happy. However, happy hour is not my thing, and I have seen many very unhappy results of alcohol abuse. 🙂

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      • Aw, thanks! That’s cute and sweet! 🙂
        But you might be surprised to know…as many people have been…I’ve never drank (drink-ed) alcohol. The strongest thing I’ve ever drank is NyQuil for a sinus infection. And for the past 5 years I’ve only been drinking water.
        When you grow up around alcoholics it makes a person decide not to drink. At least it did me. I made that decision as a little girl and I’ve stuck to it all these years.

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