within us all a seed germinates to heal ourselves and others
it flourishes when we are true to our core values
and share kind care to connect with others
stagnates when paralysed or
disconnected from our self and our world
and struggles whenever we wilfully harm

aware that love, kindness and ethics
will fertilise that seed to heal within and radiate out
we’ve felt those warm healing vibes from others
enjoy their qualities so lets repeat and give more out
abandon any harm, disconnect and doubt
as experience has taught us they’re not what life is about

everyone wants and needs a colourful bright garden
to share with and uplift those around us
so why indulge that which causes pain
let your love and light make us more sane
let that seed burst forth to bloom and flourish
for our core is essentially kind good hearts

we are enough, know what to do when it’s rough
so nurture your healing seed, let it bless within
heals fears fragility and feeling blue
gifts us well-being and worth
then ensure others benefit too
let such seeds bloom bountiful to beautify

d’Verse, dungeons and derivatives, Sanaa – using Sanaa’s own quote
“Could it be that this idea of healing is a seed that has been planted within us?” 
October, as leaves fall patiently


  1. This drew a deep and heartfelt sigh from me, Kate! I love the wisdom that flows from this poem especially; “we are enough, know what to do when it’s rough/so nurture your healing seed, let it bless within/heals fears fragility and feeling blue.” Beautiful! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! 💝💝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This “seed” puts in us the idea “of” the permanence “of life.

    The word seed generates thè idea of permanence of live year to year etc and even centuries ❤
    Love ❤


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