© 2021 photo

Jackson Pollock was inspired by nature
take note as her beauty abounds
colours, patterns, textures and sounds
no need to visit a gallery or pay for art
she provides straight from her heart!

Sadly it may be awhile before we can gather in crowds
or even mingle with family and friends
but still we get the message the sign sends



  1. Love that quote, Kate, and it’s so true about nature as well.
    I got another 404 message but saw your list of posts below so found it easily. I couldn’t have looked that far before.
    Have a great week!

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  2. Gorgeous photo! It’s like an artist’s masterpiece!
    I have always enjoyed Mr. Pollock’s take on life in his art! The colors, the motion, the textures, the emotions! 🙂 There are a couple of his paintings that I can get lost in. 🙂 So wonderful to learn he was inspired by nature…as we all should be! 🙂 Sad, those people who never seem to even notice anything in nature. 😦
    Your chalkboard wisdom is Right On! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • I remember studying about him…he did most of his paintings in the 1940’s and 4 of them were featured in a magazine called Life magazine. That helped his career. He had painted “traditional” paintings and then developed the drip-method. His work was so unique for it’s time…so avant-garde. I’d have to research it, but I’m not sure his paintings became worth a lot $$$ until after his death.
      His life was pretty sad…very tough/abusive childhood, suffered from depression, became an alcoholic as an adult, and died in 1956 at age 44 in a drunk driving crash. Interesting man.
      I think it’s VERY tough for good photographers today to make a living off of their art because everyone carries a phone around in their pockets and takes their own photos. 😦

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      • wow thanks for sharing that, I had no idea!

        Mr G says “Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles, is now worth about $350 million, an appreciation of more than 300-fold on the $1.3 million paid for it in 1973 by the Aus Govt”

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        • In 1945 he married Lee Krasner. After his death in 1956 she managed the sale of his paintings and distributed many to museums. Before her death (she died in 1984), she had set up the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, which gives grants to young, promising artists. 🙂

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  3. I prefer to see nature directly instead of through Pollock’s lens. Still, it is good to know that his art was nature inspired! Today I’m going to be out and about in preparation for tomorrow’s business – lots of fun with saintvi (yes we are going geocaching and to the thrift shops). So today is groceries and cleaning and running erands that I’ve put off too long. 😦

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    • If only people would pay me a fraction of what he gets for “art”?? for my lovely nature pics 🙂

      lol sounds like a fun plan … more tights!


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