Today is the first day of Spring, with a few of last years floral contributions to celebrate!

Today is exactly one year since I moved into my tiny cottage beside the river in an idealistic location.


We have just finished an intense but fun event of writing 13 poems for Val’s August Scavenger Hunt challenge where we learnt about new poetic formats.  d’Verse has also inspired me with many different poetic formats and the camaraderie where one is read and accepted no matter how poorly our contribution! Hoping to continue participating as the spirit/muse leads me!

Realise many of my readers are not poets but I will probably pursue the idea of trying one new poetic form each week. If you care to join in I will share the form and a prompt, or maybe there are too many prompts about and you are too busy. Nevertheless this is how I hope to proceed for a while.

This morning I awoke to the thickest mist, a complete wall of white with only a couple of metres visibility if that!  The sun was up but looked more like a full moon.  A glowing ball shrouded by dense mist [thick cloud like].  I’ve been here a year today and this is the first mist I’ve seen, how auspicious …

please enjoy your new season whatever that may be!

NB All my own photos, none borrowed!

© 2021 photos copyrighted https://wordpress.com/aroused.blog


  1. Spring 🙂. We had a sunny 27, loved it. Poetry, I’m up for it Kate, though I can’t promise perfection, I’ll give an A for effort 🙂

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  2. Happy first day of Spring in there Kate. and yes, Val’s prompts really pumped up my poetic skills and yes again i am looking forward for your weekly prompts, it would be fun..

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  3. I’m looking forward to your weekly prompts and some new forms (or maybe some old friends). I keep looking for the last ASH contribution but I guess it is still coming! I hope I don’t miss it!!

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