pentina #garden

For Vals’ ASH challenge …

  1. Write a Pentina having a theme of [war] garden, sorry reverted to flower power

with spring approaching I’m keen to garden
got seeds to grow colourful flowers
those that will attract birds and bees
add plenty of water and pray it’s sunny
so colours can wave in a warm breeze

butterflies flutter and sway on the breeze
in my small wondrous colourful garden
with an abundant variation of flowers
to attract those honey gathering bees
tempting taste-buds, making me sunny

wealth and fame seldom make one sunny
for they’re known to vanish in a breeze
more satisfaction is found from a garden
as it ignites smiles with bright flowers
and worthy production from our bees

watching the activity of industrious bees
warms my heart so cheerful and sunny
intoxicating scents waft on the breeze
as I earth myself in flower pots and garden
rejoicing at the colourful beauty of flowers 

spirits lift with the beauty of flowers
who share their bounty with the bees
lifting my mood no matter wet or sunny
as if worries flutter away on the breeze
when I sit in a flourishing sunny garden

lift your mood by growing flowers in your sunny garden
aiding bees collection of nectar brings a satisfying breeze!

The pentina five verses of five lines each, with a two-line envoi, for a total of 27 lines.


  1. Heartfelt poem, Kate. It is similar to the way I feel. The beauty and happiness what various bees and insects bring to our lives are incredible. Lovely colours and images.

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    • lol I thought most had boiling hot summers and were desperately seeking autumn Ann … your life has been topsy turvy with too many challenges this summer!

      Hopefully next summer will be a healthier happier one you can share with all your family together 🙂


  2. Love this!!!
    Highly prefer your flower power poem over a war poem any day! Your words and your photos are uplifting, encouraging, smile-bringing, and blossoming-good-fun!!! 😉 😀
    Gardens, and garden-visitors, are a joy to behold! Surrounding ourselves in nature is always healing! 🙂
    🐝 🐛 🦋 🐞
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. You are such a rebel!! (but then poets are like that at following directions 🙂 ) This is a wonderful execution of the Pentina and a very cheery word painting! I can tell you are itching to get your garden started!

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