hi folks … decided I will post something FUN most Sundays = sunfun

Several times a week I walk out the North Wall to watch the dolphins surfing
the other day a Whale mum and offspring were doing tail flips and entertaining many of us
… they seemed reluctant to move on.  I’m told they are just as curious about us.
Today I spotted two magnificent Kingfishers sitting on a large rock in RIchmond RIver!

Don’t take my camera walking anymore so this is an internet shot of the same bird.

Sacred Kingfisher

Here is a link to an amazing Kindergarten teacher whose remote teaching skills have drawn much attention.  A tall footballer who likes wearing pink, his girlfriend helps him present fun dynamic classes … guaranteed to make you smile and giggle!

Plus your SA chalkboard for this week …




  1. I enjoyed and had fun myself too watching the teacher. As an educator myself, teaching students the traditional way is already a lot of work. Now, he doubled up the work by doing all these whimsical singing and cosplaying… just so amazing.

    And that chalkboard, it made me smile..

    Thank you Kate…happy Sunday

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  2. Wonderful! Smile-bringers and giggle-bringers! 🙂 😀 Thanks for the photos and link! 🙂
    The chalkboard wisdom is right on! 🙂
    So much out there to bring the fun if we take the time to notice! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 😛

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  3. Although I have to note that I don’t approve of the standing on desks, he definitely is making the most of the current challenges and showing his kids how to be resilient and have fun at the same time. I see this same attitude reflected in your writing! ❤️

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