# 11.  Write a Harrisham Rhyme poem on the topic of forgiveness.

forgiveness is a safe solution
soothing our soul without drugs
genuine healing from angry intrusion
effectively calming those heartfelt tugs
yielding respite from inner pollution
genuine therapy just like warm hugs

  1. a hexastich, a poem in six lines.
  2. written with meter or syllable count at the discretion of the poet.
  3. rhymed, ababab.
  4. written with sort of chain at the beginning of each line. The last letter of the first word of each line is the first letter of the first word of the next line. The first word of the poem may begin with any letter.

for Val’s ASH challenge


  1. Who has the time for forgiving
    On any particular day?
    No-one today who is living
    Enriches the world in this way
    Shows up our selfish misgiving
    Says no one has nuthin’ to say

    I want you to note that I changed the first line from “who gives a fuck for forgiving” – rich with alliteration as well as passion – to a more family friendly (less poetic) alternative. Just for you, Kate.

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