wise words

Sunday snooze time for pelicans
saw them stretching their necks
this away and that like a tennis
match, bewildered by the busyness

as dozens treating lockdown like
their perfect holiday, so many out
walking, cycling, boating blithely
choking the waterways and paths

perfect calm sunny weather feels
like I’ve shifted to the Bahamas
as families determined to indulge
every possibility in holiday mode!

devices abandoned, dogs delight
as people lose inhibitions chatting
as they meet mates, no distancing
for tomorrow masks are compulsory

so all are making the most of this
last moment of freedom but will
they get serious tomorrow …
somehow I doubt it.

Our state is under strict lockdown which tightens tomorrow as the Delta strain spreads rapidly in Sydney, we see the odd escapee up here claiming they don’t believe in COVID to justify ignoring every possible rule!

Not sure if you’ve found this fascinating story of the fuel station in South Africa that boasts wise white board sayings daily … so maybe each weekend I might post one board saying with one of my microphotos.

When you Forgive you Heal.
When you Let Go you Grow!

have a great relaxing weekend …


  1. Gah! I hope the lockdown can stop the spread of the Delta variant. We have way too many unvaccinated insisting that they don’t need the vaccine, because you know, it is all a hoax. In our county the numbers have been going up and the latest word is that masks and distancing are needed along with a booster for those immunocompromised. Yet – the stores are not requiring masks (and only a few are “recommending” them). I’ve been wearing a mask all along even when they said it wasn’t necessary. Call me cautious but I do not want to get this virus!


  2. You’ve expressed this so well, SweetKate.
    Oh, gosh! :-/ I’m so baffled by those kinds of people-behaviors. 😕
    We keep wearing our masks when we have to be out and about among people.
    Love the wise white board sayings! Please do share some more of them in the days ahead!!! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Oh dear another lockdown…i hope it stops the spread of the delta variant kate…and yes your idea of posting something like this is brilliant. Will be looking forward for more …

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  4. I have been reading the covid situation in Sydney and NSW. Please stay safe.

    If people don’t comply then draconian measures must be meted out. Else it hurts others and prolongs the spread, hurting people’s livelihoods.

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  5. These lockdowns have really taken a lot of strain on so many people around the world. Ya have heard that Delta variant has come to Australia, Japan, America and it is pretty bad. Here in India slowly and steadily everything has opened up and as you have so beautifully said in your poem everyone is having a gala time and thrills like before. Nice poem, Kate.


    • thanks Pene but it doesn’t have us laughing, those 1-2 escapees are the ones spreading delta everywhere … if only they’d stayed in Sydney the rest of us living rural would be safe 😦

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      • Lol. They are everywhere. In the hospital beds with their masks on the IV poles.
        Family members fighting to come in the hospitals without masks.


  6. I see that the younger generations here are not taking covid-19 restrictions seriously any more which is resulting in many new infected cases everyday. Don’t know what’s going to happen.

    Stay safe Kate.

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    • sorry to hear that … I feel if they relax restrictions here we would all be much safer. Some just need to break strict rules, not military trained to obey orders instantly …

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  7. Your poem paints the reality so well, makes it enjoyable to read. Yet can feel the undercurrent of wariness and tiredness of the situation, some are almost numb to any feelings about it and the struggle is so real for so many.

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  8. A beautiful poem Kate. I love the Birds that are enjoying less of us intruding into their paradise! Seems there are always a few unbelievers among us…both in church and in covid!! :>)

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