#13.  Write a Blitz Poem about death.

a Blitz poem has no punctuation, and should be read very quickly, pausing only to breathe.

Inevitable Predicament
Death is blind
Death is inevitable
Inevitable as our grief
Inevitable we will weep
Weep for the unknown
Gone why
Why me
Why now
Missing family
Missing life
Life ends in death
Haunts memories
Minds unravel
Defy death
Defy steals
steals life
steals joy
Abandoned life
Abandoned sanity
Sanity questioned
Sanity unravels
Unravels life
Unravels relationships
Relationships questioned
Relationships in doubt
Doubt of heaven
Doubt stops
Stops breathing
Stops seeking
seeking the known
seeking a future
future shredded
future abominable
abominable circumstances
abominable predicament
predicament unknown
predicament terminated

unknown … terminated …

now this was such an unusual style I really enjoyed writing it!

another for Val’s ASH challenge!


  1. Quite the emotional roller coaster of words unravelling at a steady pace…in the knee-jerk pain of death, there is heaven for those that believe. Your steady outpouring of words works well for this particular subject…a sort of tumble-jumble of thoughts without a breath in between. The light is there at the end of the ride…we breathe new life, begin again…In God’s Holy House.

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  2. I’ve only played with this particular style of poetry a few times…many moons ago. It’s definitely intriguing the movement it creates and the layered pattern of messages that comes through as a result.

    There are definitely many layers of pain, sorrow, and defeat felt here in the movement of your poem my dear Kate.❤️

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  3. I am in a predicament
    I can not read quick enough
    to get through the blitz
    and my banana splitz
    has begun to ferment

    I have to have skin cancer op’ tomorrow … I’ll have a little hole in my neck ..

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  4. Kate, I read this poem as quickly as possible. I struggled at times because I felt more helpless with each verse. The verses had taken over, and I felt like there was no escape. Hmm, sort of reminds of surviving the daily “rat race.”

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